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Insurance Groups

With Rectangle Health, carriers, employers, agents, associations, and unions benefit from our direct-to-member/employee model. Individual policyholders can select and pay for their member plans and employers can eliminate the reliance on payroll deduction to allow employees to directly engage with the selection and payment process. Agents also have a new payment model they can bring to their employee cases.

Real-time Reconciliation and Posting for Carriers

We can post payments to the system of record in real-time and provide reporting that ties merchant processing deposits and credits to your bank statement. The report lists out exact debits and credits by bank settlement dates, as well as all persons charged and credited for that bank reconciliation period, allowing for immediate opportunity to make a retention call.

Direct-to-Employee Benefits and Payment

With our system, employers can eliminate payroll deduction and choose how they want to enroll employees for their member plans, whether that’s through an agent enrollment or self-enrollment. Employees can also identify a second form of payment, reducing chances of policy lapsing.

Improved Member and Employee Satisfaction

Carriers, employers, agents, associations, and unions have direct access to benefit selections and can set up the premium payment options that work best for them, including frequency of payment, account type, and notification preference.

Customized Payment Solution

We can work with any enrollment engine to design and develop the most efficient and effective solution for your employee and member payments. We can do multiple carriers at a time and offer a range of services from point solutions to entire system development, depending on your needs.

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