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With Rectangle Health, healthcare providers benefit from our integrated, efficient system, receiving increased patient collections, reduced costs, the quickest access to cash, reduced liability, multiple ways to pay, and satisfied patients.

Increased Collections

With our proprietary Healthcare Payment Authorization Form © and electronic signature capabilities, recurring payments and post insurance balances are collected in the most efficient and effective manner. We make it easy to receive your patient’s payments at point of service, kiosks, through a mobile device and patient portal, or recurring payments. Balance reminders can be sent via text.

Reduced Costs

Through automated processing with our patented Practice Management Bridge and electronic signature capabilities:

  • Patient payments are posted automatically
  • No more need for manual posting
  • Payments are posted in any practice management or hospital accounting system regardless of payment method

Our integrated system allows for the most efficient payment process and yields the highest patient collection percentages by reducing multiple patient statements and related costs. We have zero implementation or integration fees.

For 25 years, we’ve focused exclusively on healthcare. Our clients save on payment processing costs and benefit from our proprietary processes and tools.

Quicker Access to Cash

Our automated process provides quicker access to cash and reduced time spent in A/R. Credit card transactions are settled the next day and checks within three days. Patient payment information can also be captured and used for recurring payments.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Our integrated system makes the entire process as efficient as possible, giving patients options to pay via text, portal, kiosk, etc., with the ability to use credit cards and Apple, Android, or Samsung Pay at point of service. Convenient balance reminders are sent via text. Patients can also set up a payment plan for large balances. Our system delivers electronic signature capture to contract for outstanding balances with our proprietary Healthcare Payment Authorization Form ©.

Reduced Liability Concerns

Reduce your liability for lost or stolen patient payment information by eliminating those files from your system. Rectangle Health securely stores patient cardholder information within our PCI-compliant data storage service.

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