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Insurance Groups

Our services help insurance groups improve the process for collecting premiums from employees, policyholders, unions, and association members, while increasing overall satisfaction. We offer an alternative to payroll deductions and a way to collect on a recurring basis. Our integrated system reduces the amount of staff hours spent dealing with inefficiency and allows you to focus on what’s most important – your employees, members, and customers.

Only Rectangle offers you a fully integrated, customized payment system

One integrated system allows you to track, manage, report, enroll, collect, and reconcile payments. We offer a range of services from point solutions to entire system development, depending on your needs.

Dynamic Credit Card and ACH Descriptors

Members see customized credit card and ACH descriptors on their statements so they can identify the reason for the payment.

Interactive Member Communication

Rectangle’s unique system allows you to improve collections and reduce the change of lapsing coverage by charging cards up to 3 times if the card on file is declined. Additionally, expiration emails are sent to employees and members when credit information needs to be updated to avoid any coverage lapse and ensure payment is received.

Reconciliation and Real-time Reporting

Every day we’re collecting payments from members. On any given day, you can find out how many payments have been made and which members have paid. At the end of the month, we reconcile the payments for the entire month.

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